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5 bold predictions for championship weekend


Iowa Hawkeyes Absolutely Embarrass Michigan State Spartans


Throughout the past few days, the media has been talking about the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan State Spartans Big Ten championship game.

Many are expecting to see Mark Dantonio and the Spartans come into Indianapolis and knock off the undefeated Hawkeyes, but that isn’t what is going to happen.

Iowa has been underrated all season long and are still being underrated by the media.

The Hawkeyes have a chip on their shoulders and have an impressive defense to go along with the right playmaking ability on the offensive side of the football. Michigan State is a quality team, but Iowa is going to bring pressure on Connor Cook and will force mistakes.

The Spartans were knocked off by the Nebraska Cornhuskers earlier this season and showed many flaws which Iowa will take advantage of this week as they secure a blowout and embarrass the Spartans.


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