Exploding hoverboard destroys family’s home

Marty Mcfly? More like Marty Mxplode.

Before you even think about buying your kid a hoverboard this Christmas, please be aware of a couple things.

It doesn’t actually fly. We have a long way to go before literally lifting off and sailing the skies on a skateboard. It’s maneuvered by body movements, using lithium batteries to push the board forward or backwards.

Which sounds a little knock off, no? Battery powered board guided by body movement, feels less like groundbreaking technology, and more like a machine made for lazy people. Which is still cool, I get it. One step toward Mcfly’s spinning saucer. But not so cool, if it blows up.

Yes, you heard me correctly, it can blow up.

Lithium batteries are volatile if punctured. And as seen in recent news, a board  “[lit] up like fireworks” and destroyed a home in Louisiana.

I don’t think that’s the sort of board, Mcfly was interested in.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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