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FOX Sports’ Joe Klatt thinks Alabama is being propped up


Joe Klatt doesn’t like what the College Football Playoff selection committee is doing. The FOX Sports college football analyst recently came out with a damning rant against Alabama, and the team’s worthiness of being in the playoffs this year.

Klatt believes that the committee is ranking teams like Ole Miss and Tennessee higher than what they should be in order to make the Crimson Tide’s schedule appear stronger than what it really was. In addition, he stated that the rankings will be worked in a way to avoid an Alabama vs. Oklahoma matchup in the semifinals.

You can check out his full rant below.

It’s not surprising to see Klatt go off on a rant like this. As College Spun points out, this isn’t the first time that he has cried foul towards the committee. In this case, does Klatt have a point? Is Alabama really being falsely elevated in order to get a spot into the playoffs? What do you think?

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  1. Just a hater!!! Let the committee do what they are there to do. Few people liked the old system, or the system before that. So what does college football have to do to please everyone? They will never be able to do that since someone is going to get left out in whatever they do. Just throw all the teams together in a massive playoff of everybody, no matter how good or bad you did during the regular season. Then when someone’s team gets beat in the playoffs you are going to have a bunch of hater’s not liking the new system. It’s idiots like this that keep the controversy stirred up all of the time. Until you have a valid system that will please everyone shut up and enjoy what we have.


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