Ranking the top Heisman candidates in Week 14

The 2015 college football is set to hit Week 14, where there are plenty of entertaining conference championship games on the schedule. It also signals the Heisman Trophy presentation closing in to award the best player in the nation.

Throughout the course of the season, the Heisman rankings have been changing quite a bit.

Many players that started the season at the forefront of the rankings have faded away, while other players are making their moves up the rankings over the past couple weeks. It has been a very entertaining season as far as the Heisman race has been concerned and it is not over yet.

No one knows what the rankings look like right now, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating.

Let’s go ahead and dive into the rankings and take a look at who the top five candidates are and how they rank among each other heading into Week 14.