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Tips for finding travel deals for Spring Break


Yeah, we know you haven’t even finished your Thanksgiving leftovers, but the time to effectively plan your spring break is coming up. You may think Expedia or Priceline might have you covered, offering all the best available deals, but you would be wrong.

Never fear, we have the tips so that you’re no longer a freshman when it comes to trip planning.

Travel apps

If your smartphone is slowly rendering your computer obsolete, you’ll want to outfit it with apps that allow you to check out the best deals on flights. Momondo is an excellent app for that. Finding the best deals is all about uncovering deals and airlines that your traditional sites like Kayak or Expedia don’t show you.

In my experience, Momondo always uncovers cheaper flights that any of the big sites.

Which sites are the best?

Although it may sound like I’m down on Expedia and the like, but if you want an extensive search, they’re worth a look. Kayak is a great site as it has a price alert tool that sends you email notifications when the price of a flight you have your eye on changes.

If you haven’t gotten into Google Flights yet, you should. They give you similar results as most sites, but they also tell you what dates are cheapest. Not only that but it’s easy to use and access saved flights.

A site not many Americans know about is Edreams.com. A European site, it finds flights for discount airlines that often go overlooked by the more known sites on this side of the pond.

Book as soon as possible

For international flights at least, it is best to book as soon as you are sure you’re going to make the trip. Although according to travel expert Nomadic Matt, the ideal time to book is about 90 days before your desired departure date, especially if you’re traveling overseas.

Save up by eliminating bank fees 

One of the most annoying things in the world is being charged for pulling out money from banks that aren’t your own. When you’re charged two or three bucks every time you hit the ATM, you might drop enough for a decent meal out just on withdrawal fees.

Charles Schwab heard your tears and now offers a debit card that covers any withdrawal fees, anywhere in the world. So when you need to pull out cash to bail out your buddy from the drunk tank, you don’t have to find your bank first.

Don’t stay at hotels

AirBnb is hands down the best thing to ever happen to society. Most of the time their rates are comparable to hotels, and you get so much more.

Get some friends together and rent out a house, by splitting it you should end up paying the same if not less than you would for a dinky hotel room. Plus you’ll save money on food because you’ll have a kitchen where you can cook your meals. They don’t have to be very elaborate, but it’s still easier to heat a frozen pizza in your standard hotel room.

The downside to getting an AirBnb is that most of the time you can’t really throw a rager. Mostly because whomever you’re renting from doesn’t want to deal with the aftermath. But if negative reviews don’t faze you, have at is hoss.

Hopefully these tips allow you to save some money and spend it on more important things like “party supplies.” Because you’ll feel less guilty about forgetting to be a productive member of society if you don’t have to call your parents and ask for the money to go out and do so.

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