This 81 year old could beat you in the beer mile


A beer mile is the quintessential bro sport. It involves beer and physical activity, the ultimate challenge in proving one’s machismo. But put the skids on the bro talk, because 81 year old Elvira Montes — an avid scotch drinker — just completed her beer mile time in 20:24.

It may sound like something you could easily beat. And that may be true. But it’s sure a challenge to any of us, who find our growing beer belly troubling.

For most reading this, their memories of running with beer involved either puking or hand cuffs.

A beer mile is a better alternative to those extracurricular activities.

So what is a beer mile? It’s pretty simple. One must chug a 12 ounce brew before every 1/4 mile sprint or jog. At the end of the mile, you’ve sunk 48 ounces, the equivalent of a six pack, into your tank top and running shorts.

Frat boy meets Carl Lewis. Who’s game?

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