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College student sends fake family Christmas card as a gag


Instead of a gift, give the gift of children to distant relatives. And a wife. And plans for your 2016 as a family.

A hilarious student, Joshua Brassow, thought it would be funny to give the gift of laughter to his relatives. In infamous fashion, he sent Christmas cards with an update from his pseudo-family.

Pictured on the card is him and his wife, and two grown kids, Blade and Thor. Each of them is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

I’m sure this confused the elders and made multiple family members scratch their heads in confusion.


Can you imagine the frequency of phone calls that took place? Family members who hadn’t spoken in years, frantically calling one another to figure out how and when Joshua got married and had children.

Classic. Just classic.

This speaks to something central though. Family should stay in touch. At least know what’s going on with one another. Blood is and should be thicker than water.

But for many of us, this isn’t the case. Our family takes each other for granted, and treats one another with awkward silence.

Don’t be silent this Christmas. Send a gag gift to a cousin or a great aunt. Re-spark a relationship worthy of being kindled.

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