Ronda Rousey keeping Edmond Tarverdyan around despite what her mother says

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will be featured in the upcoming issue of ESPN Magazine. Rousey spoke with the magazine, which was her first interview since her devastating loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193.

During that interview, Rousey explained that she got hit hard in the first round by Holm, which caused her lip to be cut open and some of her teeth to become loose. According to Rousey, she was out on her feet from the very beginning.

“I got hit in that first round. … I cut my lip open and knocked a couple of my teeth loose. I was out on my feet from the very beginning.”

Rousey blames the loss on her not thinking clearly.

“I wasn’t thinking clearly. I had that huge cut in my mouth and I just spit [the blood] out at my feet. Then they brought the bucket over, and I’m like, ‘Why didn’t I spit it in the bucket?’ I never spit on the ground.”

Throughout the first and second round, Rousey tried to talk her way through the fight by continuing to tell herself that she was ok and to just keep fighting, which is easier said than done.

“It was like a dumbed-down dreamy version of yourself making decisions. … I was just trying to shake myself out of it. I kept saying to myself, ‘You’re OK, keep fighting. You’re OK, keep fighting.’”

Rousey claims that she was not herself and was embarrassed by the loss.

“I just feel so embarrassed. How I fought after that is such an embarrassing representation of myself. I wasn’t even (expletive) there.”

Following the fight, media members, fighters, and fans questioned if Rousey should keep her coach, Glendale Fighting Club’s Edmond Tarverdyan, around. Her mother came out before the fight saying that he was a “terrible” instructor who’s a “bad person.” Her mother was not even at the fight which was a first for Rousey.

Even though others think that he should go, Rousey is sticking with him and does not care about what her mother said about her coach that has been with her since the beginning of her MMA career.

“Of course I’m staying [with Tarverdyan],” Rousey told ESPN. “That’s my mom’s opinion, not mine.”

Rousey is expected to fight Holm sometime in 2016.

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