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Florida State releases video of posh new players lounge


Life styles of the rich and famous. If I were any four- or five-star athlete coming out of high school, I’d be aiming for Florida State on their new players lounge alone.

The Seminoles released a video showing off their shiny new digs and, well, it is pretty special.

The lounge will include a movie theater, a full-sized arcade, oversized eating areas and anything else a college-aged kid could ask for.

Check it out:

But it bids a question probably most people won’t think about. How can the college spend this kind of money on a lounge and not cut checks to their student-athletes?

The answer to that question is simple.

The larger college sports–football and basketball–yield hundreds of millions a year for their colleges. They contribute to venture capitalism. Are the monikers by which the rich get richer.

The athletes cut? A “free education.”

But there is nothing “free” about playing sports for a college like Florida State. You’re exchanging your skills and your body, for an education. But considering that education may cost $30 or $40,000 a year, it seems schools might be taking advantage of that profit share.

These athletes can’t even autograph their name on something and make money. Remember when Johnny Football did that? He was suspended by Texas A&M for breaking a rule that shouldn’t even exist.

It’s classic oligarchy. The age-old trickle down theory, using young people across the country, to pay presidents and coaches stupid amounts of money.

And they–the colleges–do these types of things–players lounges, slick uniforms, small stipends for living expenses–to turn athletes and fans attention from reality. It also enhances the recruitment of top tier athletes, who further the machine.

As amazing as this players lounge is, I would have rather seen it go to each athlete. But I guess only adults should get paid, right?

Nice try Oliver Silver. 18 years=adult. I can work at Foster Freeze when I’m 15 and get a pay check. Why can’t they?

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