Bill stripping Mizzou scholarships from athletes who protest, overturned

A bill proposed by Missouri representative Rick Brattin, that would have rescinded the scholarships of college athletes involved in a strike, has been denied.

In comes on the heels of last month’s athlete-led strike, that pushed school president Tim Wolfe from his position.

Make no mistake about it. The push by conservative state-officials, was an attack on student assembly and freedom of speech.

Brattin told USA Today:  “The hope is that the university acts so we don’t have to,” said Brattin, who represents the state’s 55th district. “We cannot have the student body, or in this case, the football team, going on strike and forcing out a school president. That cannot be allowed.

“I think the students have created this situation where nobody wants to come here. There have been several prospects who have chosen not to go to MU because it’s in such disarray. We need to bring order back. The football team is a sports organization, not a political activist organization.”

The bill implied, that if granted scholarship, an athlete handed over his or her right to reject and oppose bigotry or any other malpractice. The bill included school employees as well.

Thanks God, wise enough people exist inside Missouri state government, who see the b.s. from officials more concerned with corporate interests than the right of the people.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports