LeBron James trolls a reporter who asks him about Under Armour

A couple weeks ago, LeBron James inked the most lucrative contract in Nike’s history. The endorsement deal is worth somewhere in the vicinity of $500,000,000.

James, known for his casual and calm behavior with reporters, went above and beyond that last night, trolling a reporter who asked him about Under Armour.

Why a reporter is asking about Under Armour in a post-game interview blows my mind. What should we ask James next? “Favorite color?” “Pumpkin pie or apple?” “Which Pokemon character do you relate with most?”

The Twittersphere has turned our favorite athletes into reality stars.  No longer are we interested in game plans or performance, but what clothes they wear.

I thought it was reporters’ jobs to go against that grain and balance us? Bring us all back to some semblance of the game itself?

I guess not. We’d rather talk tan-lines and home decor.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports