Top 5 teams best suited for Trevor Knight

Coming into the 2015 season, there was a pretty good quarterback battle in Norman, Oklahoma. The Sooners had yet to select their starting guy, but it was cleared up pretty early on in the year.

Baker Mayfield became the guy for the Sooners and he led them on a magical run to the Big 12 Championship and a spot in the College Football Playoff. Trevor Knight knew that he wouldn’t winning the job back this year or next, so he decided to ask for a release.

Knight has been granted said release and it looks like a transfer will be coming very soon. Knight joins former Texas A&M quarterback Kyle Allen as one of the two most-sought after free agent.

However, there is a huge difference and that is that Knight can play immediately due to transfer rule? Who are some of the teams that could be best-suited for Knight?

Join us as we count down the top five!

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