Video: Kendrick Lamar brings freestyling fan on stage

Kendrick Lamar is a rapper. He’s popular. Even among the white bros, fawning side-cocked hats, with a wannabe disposition to being cool. Last night, at Lamar’s concert in Houston, the rap star brought up a fan to break down some beats and spit some game.

Lamar, I’m positive, wanted the guy to spit his song, not a freestyle jibber jabber in desperate hopes to salvage his big moment on stage.

Well…that didn’t happen.

The guy forgot the lyrics, and what resulted was a fairly solid freestyle among screams and hollers.

I gotta give the dude this: he delivered. He crossed one of the two major white boy dreams off his bucket list. The other: Fly like Mike. That might be the more difficult accomplishment, considering he probably has got paper thin verticals.

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