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Mike Ditka suggests kids play golf instead of football


It’s no question that football is easily one of the most violent sports today. Over the last decade or so, concussions have grown increasingly more common and more cases of former players having problems from head trauma are a huge topic in the news today.

There have even been talks of banning young kids from playing the sport, which would nearly eradicate the most popular sport in the United States from its very existence. One former player and coach has spoke out against football and suggests that children play a far less dangerous sport.

Former Chicago Bears’ player and New Orleans Saints’ coach Mike Ditka talked with the Chicago Tribune. He said that parents should consider having their children play golf rather than football.

“Well, let’s say you’re a father right now, an you’ve got a [young] kid. So what do you tell them? People ask me the question. I would never discourage my son from playing football or baseball or anything else, but I would probably say ‘Hey, listen, you ought to try golf.’ Seriously. And I think that’s what’s going to happen to a degree. And that’s just the way it’s going to be.”

I wouldn’t disagree that fewer young kids are going to stop playing football, but I highly doubt that they will be taking up golf. Maybe Coach Ditka was just itching for a day off and a round of golf with his buddies?

Don’t we all truly want that?

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