Which regions say Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays?

Soda or pop? Stuffing or filling? Gobs or Whoopie Pies? Cart of buggy? Beanie or tobbagan? The list goes on and on. Now, we can all add Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays to the regional slang debate.

And since the national holiday is today, what better way to address the debate than to look at which holiday greeting is preferred by region. The fine folks at FiveThirtyEight gathered some data to determine which saying is preferred and the results are actually quite surprising.

Generally, you would expect the religious crowd to keep the Christ in Christmas, while a more secular crowd would be expected a more vague approach. In the words of our friend Lee Corso, “not so fast, my friends.”

As it turns out, the South and Northeast strongly prefer the secular greeting, while the Midwest and the West are sticking with the true meaning of Christmas.

Check out the breakdown below:


Are you surprised by the data? Which phrase do you prefer? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and be sure to have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday, whatever tickles your fancy.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports