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College sports discusses ending NCAA academic standards for freshman


Well, finally the NCAA makes a little sense here.

Instead of slapping the wrists of upper echelon programs who manipulate academic standing with their below standard athletes, the NCAA will fight a more winnable fight by allowing any freshman athlete with any GPA to enter into any school.

The way by which the NCAA currently rewards schools on scholarship amounts is by an “academic standard,” essentially an elitist opinion on average GPA per student-athlete. Instead of an elitist approach to rewarding “upstanding” programs, the gauge for reward will now be measured by graduation rate.

How many student-athletes actually graduate?

It’s an important turn of events. For far too long, larger programs have gotten away with corrupt behavior, while the rest of the real, academic schools struggle to bring in both academic and talented athletes.

Now, the playing field is set by the school. How low will you go to create a solid program? And how trusting are you in your institution’s strength to take average students and turn them into graduates?

It pushes schools to become more two-fold. To celebrate the tradition of collegiate sports, while, most importantly, pushing to put out intellectual professionals.

The hope is that it does away with much of the chronic corruption among larger schools. Instead of hiding an athlete’s academic standing, they now can set their own, be open about it and go out and try to win games.

It holds everyone accountable, while celebrating what’s most important: graduating.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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