Wrestlemania 32: Match grades straight from Dallas

Kalisto vs. Ryback, United States Championship Match


Kalisto has cemented himself as the second coming of Rey Mysterio with his high flying luchador style, so one can understand why everyone scratched their heads when this match was booked.

Look, I get it. Ryback has a new lone wolf personality and that works great for him. But if he was going to go into a match with Kalisto and generate a strong heel push for the summer, it would have been better to have him just beat the living snot out of the champ before taking the belt off of him.

It was instead as follows: Ryback get in some quality offense, Kalisto suddenly counters and comes back, Salida Del Sol, 1-2-3 pin. Not a terrible match for the kickoff show, but a desperate attempt at giving these guys their Wrestlemania moment.

Grade: D+