Video: Student drains shot in class, gives classmates an A on test

College classes can be hard. It is not so much as the classes are difficult, but you are a 20-year-old, living basically on your own, with parties and pretty girls all around and the weight of student loans growing heavier with each passing moment.

However, one Ohio State student decided he would help his classmates out. He was challenged to throw a paper ball into a trash can from the balcony of the auditorium-style class room.

It seemed impossible, but he had extra motivation as everyone would get an “A” on a test in the organic chemistry class, which sounds tough in and of itself.

The student, Vinny Forte, sunk it and the class exploded like the Buckeyes had just scored a touchdown.

Forte instantly became the hero college classrooms everywhere need.

Dr. Christopher Callam, a professor at the university and the instructor in the class, spoke with The Comeback and said nobody has ever been able to nail the shot in his decade of teaching, but the last two years have been much, much different.

“The first ten years I did it no one was very close. The last two years the shots have been epic and have gone in. I just randomly throw the ball up to the balcony and whoever grabs it is the ‘proton acceptor’ or Lewis base and I make the horrible and classic joke that ‘I just made an acid of myself.’ When the student made the shot last year no one had a video of it because no one thought it would go in. This year I told them we had to live up to last year making the shot so get your phones out. The student who made it ‘Vinny’ had his named chanted for several minutes after he made it. Not your normal day in Ochem.”

That was an amazing shot and I am pretty sure this professor might want to rethink his strategy going forward. Maybe this kid should walk on for the baseball team.

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