SNL Black Jeopardy perfectly impersonates Trump supporters

Throughout the 2016 election cycle, the folks at Saturday Night Live have been doing an incredible job at parodying the frustrating and sometimes frightening situation America has on its hands.

The presidential debate sketches are the highlights of SNL during political season, but its the side skits that also deserve some extra attention.

There was the brilliant “Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition” which mocked Team Trump and Team Clinton, and this week we got another hilarious take on a game show. Enter “Black Jeopardy.”

SNL perfectly parodied Donald Trump supporters (portrayed by Tom Hanks) during the sketch.

The skit openly makes fun of the recent string of conspiracy theories Trump has been spewing on the campaign trail, before the game abruptly ends as we get to the category, “Lives That Matter” and you can see where this is going.

Check out the hilarious skit below and, if you aren’t left laughing, it’s probably making fun of you.

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