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Florida-Georgia fans hate new name for matchup


The Florida-Georgia game has had one of the best names for its rivalry in sports… until now. Formerly known as The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. They’ve changed the name, and fans aren’t digging it.

The collective efforts to change the name have been taking place for some time. The host city, Jacksonville, used the moniker until as recently as 1988. They decided to stop using it after a series of alcohol-fueled arrests were made in connection with the game.

Both schools have asked the broadcast to refrain from calling it by that name, though progress has been slow. Now that the rivalry is trying to rebrand, it’s time to try and sell some merch featuring the new and improved and responsible name.

Based on the reaction, I can’t imagine these are selling that well. It’s understandable that the schools wouldn’t want to advocate drinking so openly, but they could have picked something less name.

Neither of these cities are called the River City.

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