Video: USC mascot nearly stabs himself in the foot with his own sword

College football full of strange traditions that date back many, many years and are held dear by an adoring fan base. The LSU Tigers keep a live Tiger on campus, Florida State has a man riding horseback plant a spear at midfield, the USC Trojans pay podiatry bills.
At today’s Rose Bowl game between the USC Trojans and the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Pasadena football fans almost got way more then they bargained for.
While trying to hype the crowd for the game, Tommy Trojan’s sword is to thrust into the ground passionately, nearly impaling his foot in the process.

Is it for dramatic effect? Carefully rehearsed and executed to perfection? I doubt it. Chances are he was at least as relieved as we were not to witness that horror show.
It’s so close, you almost wonder if it pinned him through the ground by going through his sandal. (He doesn’t move that foot in the video).
After a near impalement to start the game, the Trojans and Nittany Lions offenses have been lighting up the field for a wildly entertaining first half of play. USC currently leads Penn State, 27-20, at the break.
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