Justin Tucker hits a 75-yard field goal

Now that the Pro Bowl is in Orlando, a number of players have decided they won’t be making the trip.
Meanwhile, others use the opportunity to get to know other players in the league and hold friendly skill competitions.
Justin Tucker just won any skill competition with anybody else at the event:

That’s from 75 yards out. If Tucker is able to develop this into a viable weapon on gameday, he just made himself the most valuable football player of all time. He would effectively shorten the field into his own teams territory, meaning the Ravens offense would only need to gain about 20 yards per possession to be in scorning position following a touchback.
Could this be the era of the kicker? When legs start to receive the $100-million and upwards contracts and multi-year extension? Is this the beginning of the term “franchise kicker”? Nobody can be sure.
Heck of a kick, though.

Chad Kelly hopes to throw at Combine or Pro Day
Chad Kelly hopes to throw at Combine or Pro Day