Denver Broncos Interested In Tony Romo, But Only As Free Agent

Tony Romo is no longer the man in Dallas. After a breakout rookie season by Dak Prescott, it’s no secret that the Cowboys are looking to move forward without Romo’s $14 million salary on the ledger.
Enter the Denver Broncos, who floundered last season after failing to secure a capable replacement for Peyton Manning following his retirement.
Romo and the Broncos have been linked together for quite some time, but a deal has failed to materialize. While the Cowboys continue to search for a trade partners, the Broncos are only interested in negotiating with Romo as a free agent.
There are some obvious hurdles to clear before the two sides can come together. For starters, it needs to be only two sides; Dallas needs to be removed from the situation entirely. The Broncos are ready to aggressively pursue Romo in free agency, but not a moment sooner. Romo will also be expected to take a huge pay cut with his next contract, whether it be with the Broncos or elsewhere.
The Cowboys are paying him franchise quarterback money, at this stage of his career and with his injury history, other teams will only view him as a band-aid.
Romo is likely looking at a short-term contract, possibly two years, with a low guaranteed figure and large incentives for benchmarks achieved, most notably games played.
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Photo Credit: Twitter

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