Charles Barkley To LaVar Ball: Your Son's Life Is His Life, Not Yours

Rare is the occasion that public opinion is squarely on the side of Charles Barkley.
The latest salvo in the Barkley vs. Ball feud has been fired, and we await with anticipation for LaVar Ball’s inevitable response.
LaVar Ball, father of UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball, has a lot of confidence in his son. You might say that he is clinically confident in his son, which has manifested in a number of comments that have the appearance of intending to build the “Legend of Lonzo Ball.”
Barkley hasn’t bought in to the hype, and has called out Daddy Ball every step of the way.
Here’s the latest:

The thing is, Charles Barkley isn’t getting drafted into the NBA anytime soon, so he doesn’t have much to lose. In a practical sense, neither does LaVar Ball, since he isn’t getting into the NBA either.
But his son, Lonzo, is probably losing thousands of dollars a day as GM’s decide that they aren’t interested in drafting the entire Ball family. Not everybody is willing to make the Ted Ginn investment like the Miami Dolphins were.
A surprisingly reasonable Barkely made no inflammatory comments and has left little material for Ball to build a sufficient response with. But it’s coming. Believe it. It’s coming.

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