A 14 Year Old Is Graduating With Physics Degree From TCU

Some people are just born with abilities that others will work their entire lives to possess. Teenager Carson Heuy-You is the type of kid people either envy, or find fascinating. Or both.

At only 14 years old, Huey-You will be graduating from Texas Christian University with a degree in Physics, and a double minor in Chinese and math.

Dumbfounding for most who are forced to take several years of remedial math upon entering college at 18.

NBC affiliate Channel 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth recently ran a story about one of the most remarkable families in the United States. Families, because as remarkable as Carson Heuy-You is, he isn’t one of a kind. His 11-year-old brother will be entering TCU as a freshman in the fall. He is on pace to graduate at 14, the same way his older brother did.

After showing an interest and ability in math, Huey-You’s mother decided to take him to a public school where they determined that his abilities were too advanced for regular schooling. He began his scholastic career in the eighth grade, and graduated high school by age 11.

When asked what she was putting in the water in their home that was producing such impressive children, their mother Claretta Kimp laughed the question off:

“I would hope what’s in everybody else’s water,” Kimp said. “A lot of love and patience and understanding and commitment.”

And secret serum. She left that part out.

Impressive kids!

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