Tee Martin's 13-Year-Old Son Won't Commit To FAU

In one of the more unusual decisions that Lane Kiffin has made since taking over at FAU, he recently extended Kaden Martin a scholarship offer. That part isn’s strange in and of itself, but the fact that Kaden is only 13 years old, and hasn’t entered high school yet makes the offer unusual.
On Tuesday, Kaden’s father, Tee Martin told TMZ Sports that his son wouldn’t be committing to FAU just yet.

“He’s way better than me at that age in ALL sports.”, Tee Martin said.

That isn’t a statement to take for granted. Tee Martin led Tennessee to a National Championship in 1998, and was taken in the 5th round of the NFL draft in 2000. Martin expressed that he was “extremely proud” of his son for receiving the offer from Kiffin, but that it was very important for Kaden to go through the traditional recruiting process.
Kaden will likely receive a number of scholarships between now and his senior year of high school. Already standing 5’11 inches and 175 pounds, the quarterback still has a lot of growing to do. One has to imagine that he’ll draw enormous amounts of interest from schools in the SEC and ACC when he is old enough.
If Kadem MartinĀ hadĀ take Kiffin up on his offer, it would have been essentially meaningless. There will be plenty of time for the quarterback to flip to another school. It does succeed is establishing a relationship between Kiffin and the potential standout talent when the time comes. When Kadem is a senior and ready to sign a letter of intent, Kiffin can say “hey, I was first to recognize your talent, remember?” That’s something that is beneficial wherever Kiffin is coaching at the time.
You have to imagine it won’t be FAU.

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