Ric Flair Rips LaVar Ball: He's Undefeated Because He Hasn't Run Into Me











WWE legend Ric Flair knows a thing or two about being successful. He also knows about having a successful child, as his daughter Charlotte is one of the top talents in professional wrestling.
So when he speaks on the way UCLA basketball superdad LaVar Ball is making things difficult for his son, we should all listen.
He is The Nature Boy, after all.
During an appearance on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Flair sounded off on the elder Ball while providing some advice — which essentially is to r-e-l-a-x — and taking a shot at his “undefeated” record.
“He told Stephen A. [Smith], ‘I’m undefeated.’ That’s only because he hasn’t run into me,” Flair quipped.
You know what they say… to be the man, you have to beat the man.

Flair then added regarding Lonzo: “The kid is absolutely phenomenal, but he’s putting him in a very uncomfortable position. Now, I’ve lived vicariously through my daughter a few times. I’m guilty of it, but come on. I think he puts him in a very difficult position with a lot of pressure on him.”
You can catch the exchange below:

Ball has never been shy about firing back at his critics, but he may want to sit this one out. Then again, back-and-forth promos between Ric Flair and LaVar Ball may be magical.

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