Ex-Illinois Football Player Settles Abuse Claim For $250,000

The Illinois football program has settled its lawsuit with Simon Cvijanovic, the player who claimed abuse in 2015. His compliant complaint was one of the main contributing factors that led to Tim Beckman being fired from his position as head coach.
In his complaint, Cvijanovic claimed that Beckman abused and misused his power, and attacked one of his teammates.
The settlement involves a one time payment of $250,000 to Cvijanovic.
The settlement was announced by Cvijanovic on his personal Twitter, the same place he first lodged his complaint three years prior.

Beckman was released form his position with the University of Illinois after initial support from the athletic department. He was fired one week before the regular season started.
For a brief period of time, he appeared to be making a comeback in the NCAA. He was reportedly working as a volunteer assistant with North Carolina in 2016. After a significant amount of negative press and publicity directed towards the school, Beckman stepped down from the position.
He has not been involved with college football in any known capacity since.

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