The Dumb Comment That Caused Nick Saban To Chew Out Lane Kiffin Has Been Revealed

The Alabama Crimson Tide experienced unprecedented success under the guidance of coach Nick Saban.
They were never more successful than when Lane Kiffin was calling the offense, though. As offensive coordinator at Alabama, Kiffin led an attack that was difficult to stop, and difficult solve.
Perhaps the lasting image from his tenure isn’t one he’d like to remember, however. The most lasting image might be that of Nick Saban letting him have it on the sideline while the Tide were nursing a 28-point lead.

In a copy of the book written by Senior Bowl executive director, and close friend of Saban, Phil Savage reveals what started the whole ordeal.
Alabama had just fumbled away the football, at which point Western Kentucky scored on the ensuing possession. In a report published on, Kiffin explained the fumble by saying “dumb players make dumb plays.”At which point, Saban went off on him.
“No,” Saban said, “dumb offensive coordinators call dumb plays.”
With Kiffin having moved on to Florida Atlantic at the end of last season, he’ll get an opportunity to do the bulk of the yelling. If he wants to call his players dumb, he now has the ability to do so without Nick Saban throwing it back at him.
Sounds like the Owls got a winner.
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