John Cena Responds To Fans Online On Every Social Media Platform You Can Think Of

John Cena enjoyed a meteoric rise through the world of professional wrestling.
He ascended to the top of the mount in terms of popularity, with his own action figure, lunch boxes, and pretty much anything else you can print a face on.
Through all that, he’s made a ton of fans along way.
Turns out all of those fans have been posting innumerable inquiries that only one man is fit to answer: John Cena. He finally found the time in his busy schedule to sit down and answer all of them.

This is one video in a series that features different celebrities “going undercover online.”
This served John Cena well in a few ways. Obviously in a promotional capacity, but also in his continued attempt to be in more traditional forms of entertainment. High budget films have always been the goal for athletes looking to make the jump to Hollywood.
The show that Cena hosts, American Grit, will likely be picked up for a third season. And while he has appeared in a number of major studio productions, he is yet to achieve a Dwayne The Rock Johnson level of fame.
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