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Javier Baez Errant Throw Into Braves Dugout, Destroys iPad


The defending champs have some money to blow after breaking a century’s-old curse last season. Flaunting his wealth, Chicago Cubs shortstop Javier Baez decided to destroy an expensive electronic than get an out at first base.

Maybe it wasn’t on purpose, but it’s hard to believe a Major League caliber player can miss a throw by this much.

There wasn’t even a rush to get rid of the ball. The runner would have been out by several steps if Baez had made an accurate throw. It’s pretty obvious his release point was way off. Also notable, the runner tails out of the baseline making Baez’s throwing lane even clearer.

Stranger things have happened, but this one cost the Braves $600 in Apple customer care.

All in good fun, though. The Cubs managed to win the 4-3 and remain hot since returning from the All-Star break. After a middling first half in which they failed to pull away from the pack in the NL Central, the Cubs have won four in a row to start the second act.

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