Girlfriend of USC Football Player Says He Was Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence

USC football player Matt Boermeester became a Southern California hero after kicking the winning field goal for the Trojans against Penn State in the Rose Bowl.
Putting the finishing touch on perhaps the most exciting bowl game of the season, Boermeester had every reason to celebrate… for a little while.
Not long after the game winning kick, Boermeester was accused of the grizzliest of offenses. He was the subject of a Title IX investigation for allegedly battering his girlfriend, Zoe Katz. The kicker was suspended from the football team and the school while the investigation was underway.
In a surprising turn for this kind of case, Katz has spoken out publicly about the case in favor of Boermeester. Via TMZ Sports, Katz issued a scathing indictment on the entire investigation and treatment both have received since the incident was reported.

“Matt, the Trojan kicker who helped win the Rose Bowl, has been falsely accused of conduct involving me”. She continues in her statement, “Terrible and untrue things have been said about Matt by people who don’t even know him, including apparently the third party who contacted Title IX, and these bizarre assertions have been treated as fact in this investigation.”
“Words, including mine, have been incompetently or intentionally misrepresented, misquoted and taken out of context, which should not be that surprising since no statements were recorded or verified.”

Katz says she has been misrepresented as a “battered woman,” and that the treatment each have received is unfair and unjust. Boermeester, who is attempting to rehab his knee after surgery, has been unable to to so with USC trainers due to his suspension.
She concludes her statement by saying members of USC need to “stand together” to “stop this from happening to Matt or anyone else.”
How this will affect the investigation involving Boermeester remains to be seen. It is relatively unprecedented to have the alleged victim of a domestic violence case issue such a strong reprimand against an investigation.
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