Kentucky Basketball Fan Gets 2018 Championship Tattoo On His Arm

Every year you see tattoos like these. They almost never work out, and you have to wonder why people keep getting them? The proclamation of faith is only good for one year, and if the team fails to make good on it, you’re stuck with the shame for an eternity.
Here’s one man who will be cheering for Kentucky harder than anyone else in the country in 2018.
On Monday morning, a man named Joe posted a photo of his newest shoulder tattoo; the “UK” logo claiming that the Wildcats had won the 2018 National Championship. Due (we suspect) to the volume of people heckling his decision, he’s since made his Twitter hand private.
Such confidence, but yet so timid, Joe is an enigma.

The Wildcats have a great chance at winning the National Championship this season; as good as any team conceivably can. Kentucky loads up on some of the most talented players in the country on an annual basis, and this offseason was no different.
However, getting a tattoo predicting something as fickle as a championship isn’t hardcore fandom, it’s just idiocy.
NBC Sports points out that his decision to get the tattoo might have been a result of a recent trip to Myrtle Beach and a few too many swigs of liquid confidence.

Either way, if Kentucky manages to pull out a title this year, Joe will have a story to tell for a few minutes which people may or may not believe. If they lose, he won’t be wearing any tank tops.
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