VIDEO: Yankees Fan Films Hilarious Reaction To Late-Inning Collapse

The AL East is back and better than ever! Baseball is best when its two biggest brands, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are doing well. Last night was a microcosm of the entire 2017 season so far.
Only two outs away from pulling within 3.5 games in the AL East, the surprising Bronx Bombers sent their flame-throwing Cuban lefty Aroldis Champman to the mound to take on Rafael Devers. The Red Sox rookie third baseman has been getting his first taste of Major League Baseball over the last few weeks, but he’s never faced heat like Chapman’s. He did just fine.
Here’s the video of the fan recording himself on selfie mode as the pitch is thrown, and sent of left-center wall to tie the game in the ninth inning. Footage of the gameplay has been spliced in.
The Red Sox would manage a win in extra-innings.

Here’s the video the fan recorded on his phone.

Heartbreaking, true fandom. He was all geared up to grab, scream and holler. What he was left with was the purest form of disbelief/feeling that the world isn’t fair that you’ll ever see.
The pitch that Devers sent over the wall was clocked at 102.8 MPH; a little too slow to blow it by him, it seems.
The Yankees have been a surprise all season. They were expected to be in the throws of a youth movement/rebuidling mode, but have received surprisingly good play from a number of young players, namely Aaron Judge. But the mammoth outfielder has struggled in the second half of the season. He has looked downright human at the plate, and hasn’t field the Yankees offense the way he had throughout the first few months of the season.
If the Bronx Bombers are going to keep up with Boston, they’ll need to start stringing wins together in a hurry. And Aroldis Champman will have to throw harder.
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