Auburn Student Section Will Feature A DJ In 2017

The Auburn Tigers are a premier program in the world of college sports for a reason. Never complacent, always looking for ways to improve, on Monday they released a list of 25 game day enhancements for the upcoming season.
The list is a pretty impressive rundown of things the university has made to make the experience more appealing for fans; not too much fluff on there. But none will elicit more excitement than no. 22 on the list:
The Auburn student section will feature a DJ.
On the off chance that you’ve ever been to a student section of a college football game and thought “this should be rowdier,” Auburn has you covered. You have to figure they buried this one way down on the list to get people to read the entire thing.
If this were in the top five, the remaining 20 entries would have gone unread while students ran out into the street with excitement.
This raises a number of questions. Will it be the same DJ every game? Will they have Will Smith in the rotation? Will they play the entire game or only during certain, predetermined times?
Auburn appears to be leading the pack in fan entertainment in the SEC, even if they’ve fallen into the second-tier of SEC competition on the field.
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Photo Credit: Twitter

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