Boxing Champion Anthony Joshua Shows Off Unique Speed Drill

Want to know how to improve your hand speed? Learn from a champ like Anthony Joshua.
While Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have dominated the headlines, the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion has been putting in work at the gym. But not the way you think.
While his regime likely includes the standard weight lifting and stamina drills to aid him in his professional pursuits, there’s one drill he does that his pretty unique.
Best part? You don’t need any fancy equipment. Just a tennis ball, a string and a hat. And a head to put the hat on, I guess.
Check out his latest Instagram post, accompanied by the caption: “Simplicity Is Genius.”

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Simplicity Is Genius 🎾💥🥊

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It seems easy enough when a world class champion is doing it. But give it a try yourself, I’m sure you’ll find a little more trouble that Joshua does. Seemingly throwing punches on instinct, the champion bats the tennis ball tied to his hat with little power, but deft accuracy.
The only disadvantage I can spot from this drill is not being able to end with a flourish. If you were to drill the ball as hard as you could at the end of your rep, the way you would if you were training on a traditional speed bag, you’d likely have the ball come back and hit you in the face.
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