Utah Football Coach Kyle Whittingham Baffled By ‘Game Of Thrones’ Questions

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones has a following the size and scope unlike anything else on television right now.

The series concluded its final episode on its seventh season on Sunday, with a number shocking twists, turns and a mouth-dropping final moment. Fans of the show, and fans of the Utah football team overlapped in a wildly entertaining way.

While holding a Q&A on Twitter, Utes head coach Kyle Whittingham was had a few questions about the finale of the series lobbed his way.

Apparently he doesn’t watch it, and his frustration was better than any informed answer he could have given.

To the question: “#askcoachwhitt. The night Kings dragon, was that fire or plasma or ice coming out if it’s mouth?”, Whittingham replied the following:

???? Are you kidding me? WTH are you talking about? https://t.co/zwkR45hAOl

— Kyle Whittingham (@UtahCoachWhitt) August 28, 2017

Another person asked him: “Coach, do you think Lord Baelish got the raw end of the deal or did he get what he deserved?”

Once again, I am completely baffled by a question. What am I missing here?? https://t.co/BwklBoT7R0

— Kyle Whittingham (@UtahCoachWhitt) August 28, 2017

The coach was eventually clued in by someone couldn’t stand to see him be frustrated any longer. After realizing they were asking Game of Thrones questions, he admitted that he didn’t watch the show.

But it was fun to watch him squirm while it lasted.

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Photo Credit: Twitter