Donald Trump Revokes Invitation To White House To Player Who Didn't Want To Go

Everyone knows that Donald Trump loves when people adore and praise him.
Unfortunately for the Commander-in-Tweet, since taking the Oval Office, the praise has been slim and criticism has been as loud as ever for a man sitting in the highest office in the land.
In recent weeks, we’ve seen Trump attacking ESPN, Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick and now he has a new target in the sport’s world: NBA star Stephen Curry.
Steph Curry was in the news this past week for saying he wants the Golden State Warriors to pass on their trip to the White House in an effort to inspire change. Curry, his head coach Steve Kerr and a number of Warriors players have spoken out about Trump and his divisive policies in the past, and now he has finally responded.
After Curry said that he wasn’t interested in visiting Trump at the White House, Trump went on his latest Twitter tirade to say he is childishly revoking the invitation.

Trump’s tweet came minutes after FOX News aired a segment on Curry and his comments, in case you needed any further indication that the president is obsessed with news coverage about himself.

Trump was trying to be tough with his latest tweet, but the reality is he comes off as a kid who is taking his ball and going home because he got his feelings hurt at the playground. Be better, Donald, you’re supposed to be above all of this.
Be a leader, not a whiny tweeter.

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