LeBron James Calls Donald Trump A 'Bum' On Twitter

You might have heard rumblings that President Donald Trump isn’t terribly popular with professional athletes. So much so, that even when they’re invited to visit the White House, they have to think long and hard about whether they even want to.
After the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals last season, they were invited to meet President Trump in Washington D.C.  They didn’t immediately accept, and Steph Curry eventually came out and said he wouldn’t be going.
That’s when the President decided to retract the offer altogether.
Of course, he retracted an offer that nobody was planning to take him up on to begin with. That wasn’t lost on LeBron James, he didn’t mince words directed at Trump on Twitter.

Trump withdrawing the offer to visit the White House after Golden State decided they wouldn’t go is something you’d expect to see from a 10 year old throwing a crappy birthday party.
Trump continues to fuel division in the country he is tabbed with guiding into a more prosperous future. If the Cavs end up winning an NBA title this year, don’t expect LeBron James to visit the White House with the rest of his team.

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