Katie Nolan Craps On The New York Yankees To Start Her ESPN Career











Dan Le Batard made a career taking unpopular opinions and defending them; first in the Miami-Herald, then on 790 The Ticket radio in Miami, and now on ESPN.
The subversive and satirical tone of his show offers something that other sports programming fails to do.
By the looks of it, Katie Nolan is going to fit in well.
Nolan, a Boston native, took the opportunity to eschew the notion that the New York Yankees are “likeable.” She chalks it up to the fact that they aren’t as evil as they have been in the past.

The Yankees have found their bandwagon full of new faces after rallying to beat the Cleveland Indians, and now taking a three-to-two lead over the Houston Astros.
The Bronx Bombers fell behind by two games in each series before rallying to win three straight.
That’s led many to root for the “evil empire;” somehow the team with more championships than any other in the entire landscape of professional sports is the underdog everyone is rooting for.
Except Katie Nolan, of course.
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