VIDEO: The Origin Of Penn State’s ‘We Are’ Mantra

The scandal that rocked Penn State has become an inseparable part of its history. It’s the ugliest hour in the history of the university, and it nearly resulted in the death penalty for the athletics program.

In the wake of the scandal, the students on campus were forced to take a long, hard look at what their contribution would be to the legacy of Penn State.

Their mantra “We Are,” goes back a long way. But where exactly did it come from?

From the smoldering ashes and open wounds of the ugliness that enveloped the program in 2011, the expression took on a new meaning. It led a sculpture on a quest for redemption to rediscover the greatness of Wally Triplett, and the origins of the phrase.

The sculpture is both a literal representation of the expression, and made from a reflective surface that forces the viewer to simultaneously view themselves.

It’s helped Penn State begin to heal their wounds, and rediscover why “We Are” became the fighting cry of the program to begin with.

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