WWE Superstars Smash Pumpkins In Slow-Motion & It's Oddly Satisfying

It’s easy to smash pumpkins when you body slam other 200-pound human beings for a living. But for the rest of us, the joy is watching this freakishly strong athletes take these festive Fall fruits (or vegetables, depending on who you ask) and break them into a million pieces.
Whether by baseball bat, or overhead lunge, WWE superstars take out all of their aggression on these pumpkins in slow motion. Everything is better in slow motion.


(Insert obligatory Billy Corgan joke here).
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the biggest surprise in this video isn’t the wrestler being able to smash the pumpkins by slamming them, that’s to be expected considering their line of work.
But rather, did you see how sweet a swing a few of them have? Step, follow through, pronate, and they kept their eyes on the pumpkin all the way through the zone. Fine piece of hitting by most of these wrestlers here.
If the wrestling thing doesn’t work out, Tim Tebow has already taught us that anyone can play professional baseball if they suddenly decide that’s what they want to do.
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