Jose Altuve Gives JJ Watt 'Fine Whisky Gift' & Says He's 'Part Of The Squad'

The Houston Astros are World Series Champions after beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in a thrilling seven-game series.
It was the first World Series championship that the city of Houston has ever won, and it came after years of torture to the fanbase who sat through three consecutive season of more than 100 loses.
But the hard part is done, for now. And the city of Houston and the 25 Astros on the roster are living it up.
On Thursday, Jose Altuve took the time to send fellow Texan sports star JJ Watt a special gift. Watt posted the gift, as well as the note that Altuve wrote him to Twitter.

The Houston relief efforts and JJ Watt have become synonymous at this point. Known for his super-human football abilities first, it was his touching, but hilarious “I’m raising the goal” Hurricane Harvey relief fundraising drama that captivated audiences this year.
Watt raised millions, money that he repeatedly said was “going straight to the people.”
In his letter, Altuve says he gave one of these “fine whisky gifts” to every player that was on the roster this season, and decided to give one to Watt because is “absolutely part of the squad.” The satin bag is emblazoned with the words “2017 World Champions,” and the “#HoustonStrong” moniker that has come to symbolize the city’s struggle and resilience following Hurricane Harvey.

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Triple H Sends Houston Astros WWE Championship Belt For World Series Win