Amazing Ric Flair College GameDay Sign Is All About 'The U'

The Nature Boy documentary provided an in-depth look at Ric Flair’s life. The acclaimed series, ESPN’s 30 for 30 produced the film, and you were left with a better understanding of who Ric Flair was, and the breadth of his influence over a generation.
But somehow they failed to mention how much of a University of Miami fan he was.
Who knew!
On Saturday, a sign appeared with Ric Flair being all about “The WOOOOO U.”

This sign didn’t win best sign of the day, but on any other week it would have been close. That honor understandably went to the “UM Touchdown Jesus” sign. But this was a very close second.
Unsurprisingly, Michigan fans are up in arms about this. Even more than Notre Dame fans, who are mention directly on the poster. Naitch is a noted Michigan Wolverines fan, and with the way their season has gone, they’re on high alert for anything that might be construed as a slight to them.
Well done by this guy putting this together, but all of these “swagger” signs are going to come back and haunt the Hurricanes if they lay an egg against Notre Dame in front of a national audience.

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