Wendy's Roasts McDonald's Over Misfired Tweet

McDonald’s made a major social media faux paw ahead of Black Friday. It might have gone unnoticed if not for one of their fast food competitors, Wendy’s, ruthlessly calling them out on Twitter because of it.
The inciting Twitter mistake by McDonalds was harmless enough. They just wanted to tweet something about Black Friday, anything would do, really.
Except this:

Obviously someone forgot to do their job. It wasn’t for a few hours that anyone even realized that McDonald’s flubbed their own social media post. In an attempt to make a joke out of their own mistake, they brought more attention to themselves and made the situation much worse.
They followed up the errant tweet with a lame, obvious, self-promoting coffee joke.

Wendy’s wasn’t going to let it slide.
Take your shots when you get the chance, Wendy’s is trying to bring the golden arches to their knees through the internet.

But it didn’t stop there.
Someone was manning the Twitter machine at Wendy’s headquarters while the praise came pouring in for their engagement in corporate Twitter beef.

Wendy’s, holding true to their advertising slogan, is keeping the beef fresh. McDonald’s is yet to respond, but my guess is they’ll just take their lumps and pretend this never happened.
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