Charles Barkley Blasts Roy Moore Ahead Of Alabama Senate Election

Auburn basketball star and NBA Hall of Fame member Charles Barkley was on the campaign trail Monday night stumping for Democratic candidate Doug Jones ahead of Tuesday’s crucial vote in the special Alabama senate election.
Barkley did not hold back as usual, urging voters not to look like “damn idiots” to the nation by voting for Republican Roy Moore, has has faced multiple sexual misconduct allegations, including an alleged relationship with an underage girl years ago.
Barkley spoke on the absurdity of Moore even remaining in the race while sounding off.
“Alabama is my home. It’s the greatest place in the world. I love my Auburn family — War Eagle to everybody. Hey, even you Roll Tiders, welcome too. If somebody told you guys, put this election in a movie script. No, I’m being serious,” Barkley said. “If somebody sent you this as a movie script, you would throw it in the trash. You’d say, ‘There’s no way possible this other dude could be leading in any polls.’ And I mean that sincerely.

“There’s no way possible this guy should — Number One — be in an election. There’s no way. It’s unbelievable that this guy is still in the race. When people in your own party say they won’t vote for you or support you, that’s a dead giveaway. It’s amazing. I am begging and urging everybody to get out, call all your friends. We gotta, at some point, we gotta stop looking like idiots to the nation.”
After his appearance on the campaign trail, Barkley appeared on CNN for an interview with Don Lemon where he reiterated voters will look like idiots if they cast a vote for more.

While we know where Barkley stands, we will learn where the remainder of Alabama voters stand in just a matter of hours.

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