Nebraska Football: 2 Players Hospitalized After Winter Workout

Two Nebraska football players were hospitalized following the team’s winter workout, according to head coach Scott Frost on Tuesday.
According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the two players were wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey and defensive lineman Dylan Owen. The players have since been cleared and released from the hospital.
The players were treated for rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of muscle tissue that releases damaging protein into the bloodstream.
The condition can lead to kidney failure.
In a statement, Frost explained what happened and took full responsibility.
“Anything that happens in our program is ultimately my responsibility,” Frost said. “Our strength coach and training room were coordinating to do absolutely the best they could to make sure the transition went smooth, but two kids that exerted themselves too far and had (rhabdomyolysis).
“I want to make sure people understand that the health of our players is always going to be our primary concern. It’s been kind of a scary deal and both kids are doing fine now.”
He continued:

“The workout that caused the problem was supposed to be a 40-minute weight workout and it was cut to 32 minutes of weights. It’s fairly intense, but it’s something that we did with our team for two years at UCF. I’m not trying to make an excuse, but I’m always going to be transparent. We had trainers in the weight room during the workout to pull guys out of the workout if they saw any problems.

“Despite all that, we still had two kids that ended up having problems. Our players are our No. 1 concern. We thought we were approaching everything safely and the right way and it turns out that it was a little too much for a couple of them.”

Lindsey is set to be a sophomore after playing all 12 games during his freshman season. He recorded 12 catches for 76 yards.
Owen has yet to appear in a game for the Cornhuskers.

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