WATCH: Donald Trump Jokes About Jose Altuve's Height During White House Visit

Donald Trump always ends up with his foot in his mouth when he goes off script, so it was only a matter of time until there was an awkward moment during the Houston Astros’ visit to the White House on Monday.
Enter Jose Altuve, the team’s 5-foot-6 star.
While discussing the team’s success, Trump took a moment to praise Altuve’s performance on the baseball diamond when he cracked a joke about the second baseman.
“He’s much taller than I thought,” Trump said. “Unbelievable. That’s a hell of a team. Congratulations Jose, what you’ve done is really incredible.”

Altuve missed a great opportunity to crack a joke about hand size.
After the moment, people on social media were having their own fun with the exchange and Altuve’s facial expression during Trump’s speech became an instant meme.

Give credit to Trump where it’s due, though. It was a victory for the president when he was able to merely pronounce Altuve’s name correctly.

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