Megan Calipari Instagram: Hottest Photos Of John Calipari's Daughter

Megan Calipari, the daughter of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari, has never been one to shy away from criticism of her father or the Wildcats. In the past, we have seen Megan trolling FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd, and now we are seeing her fire back at those who are attempting to troll her after Kentucky’s loss to Kansas State in the Sweet 16.
“Every single time I’m cyber bullied it’s from men who are around my dads age. Anyone else have this experience? I know @TheErinCalipari does. Any other coaches kids out there? When I call attention to the mean tweets I get, I’m not trying to get people to be mean to these people. These people need more love. I ignore most of these tweets but I’d hate for someone out there to be struggling with getting cyber bullied and feel alone in it,” she wrote on Twitter.
She continued, “To be honest tweets like these don’t upset me. And if you are in this situation being bullied online PLEASE remember these people are projecting what is in their hearts onto you. You have done nothing wrong. It’s a reflection of them as a person.
“I sincerely hope these people find peace with themselves. But I can guarantee they will not find it bullying people online. I’ve been ignoring tweets like that for years. But for what? To not make people mad? Because I’m better than that? There are people out there who are silently struggling with this. All I’m saying is you’re not alone and your worth isn’t dictated by what cyber bullies say to you.”
It may seem glamorous to be the child of a high-profile coach, but it comes with the negative.
Will the cyber-bullying ever stop from faceless trolls on social media? Of course not. But everyone should try to do better when it comes to treating people with respect.

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