LeBron James Jr. Mixtape: Bronny's Ankle-Breaking Video Highlights

LeBron James Jr. is already a stud. And during a weekend stint with North Coast Blue Chips at the NY2LA Swish ‘N Dish Tournament in Wisconsin. Bronny, as he is known, led his squad to an undefeated performance and 13U championship.
Overtime released a highlight video of Bronny’s impressive outing, which included a nasty ankle-breaking spin move that left a helpless defender ending up on his butt.
LeBron James Sr. was impressed with the move and took to social media to shout out his son.
LeBron wrote:

Bronny chill out! We practice sportsmanship in this house. But he did pick you up in the backcourt like he wanted smoke so u had to do what you had to do.

This kid, who already has offers from Duke and Kentucky, is going to be a problem when he begins his college career.
Check out the video below:

Here is LeBron’s response:


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